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Playing Life’s Game Coaching is building a solid foundation using four Corner Stones, building a unique game that fits your style of playing.

The Four Corner Stones To Playing Life's Game Are:

1. The Game Board For Playing Life’s Game: (why)

2. The Channel For Playing Life’s Game: (focus)

3. The Silence For Playing Life’s Game: (stillness)

4. The Endurance For Playing Life’s Game: (stamina)

The Game Board is the Keystone, the most important of the four Corner Stones. If you're not clear, playing your game will be very difficult. So, we always start with the Game Board first. There Are Three Major Benefits:

1. Having A Vision In Life

2. Finding A Purpose In Life

3. Being On A Mission In Life

Ultimately Discovering Your Why

If you’re not really clear about your vision, or your purpose, or your mission, this may be the exact coaching and training for you at this time.

Just like the Olympic Games, Playing Life’s Game has a Bronze Membership, Silver Membership and Gold Memberships.

As an introductory offer to you today: (The Bronze Membership is FREE) so you can get a taste of Coach Freddie’s style of Coaching and Training.

As a Bronze Member you participate in The Game Board For Playing Life’s Game (The Keystone) the stone that holds everything together.

The Game Board Coaching is a 7 to 10 day, on line training, with 10 videos, and a live coaching session with the Coach as a bonus at completion.

Next, if you choose and when you are ready, you can continue and participate as a Silver Member, and enroll in the next three Corner Stones, the tools needed to keep you moving forward in the game you are playing: The Channel , The Silence, and The Endurance Coaching.

There are UniverSoul Laws that apply to everything in life, from our relationships, our marriage, raising kids, being in business, playing sports, being an Entrepreneur or being an Athlete.

"These UniverSoul Laws are the same for Athletes as well as Entrepreneurs." - Coach Freddie

Coach Freddie

Supporting Athletes & Entrepreneurs who are Playing Life’s Game, creating a game plan and focusing every day like Olympic Athletes on their way to the Olympics.

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