Welcome To The PickleBall Master Mind Challenge
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"The PickleBall Master Mind Challenge 2024"
The Challenge is Mastering Your Mindset
90% Attitude & Mindset - 10% 

Three Game Changing Disciplines

* #1  "The Board Game" © (Being Very Clear - Knowing Your Why)

* #2  "The Inner Game" © (Activating Your Mind - Focusing Yourself)

* #3  "The Silent Game" © (Nurturing your Soul - Taping into the Stillness)

* The PickleBall Board Game is a tool used to being clear and knowing why you are playing life's game of PickleBall. So be prepared to have "FUN" and really enjoy your PickleBall Mission in Life.

* The PickleBall Inner Game is a very unique tool used to picture in your mind and practicing your game without being on the court. It’s the art of using self hypnosis and visualization to picture yourself mastering the perfect serve, dinks, drop shots, drives, and back hand shots.

* The PickleBall Silent Game is mastering the silence of the Soul and bringing that stillness and calmness into your daily life, using a unique style of relaxing and soothing meditation. By practicing daily, you will  start to see the many benefits in your PickleBall game and journey in life.

* being more focused - more calm - more energy - more tolerant -  
* listening more - talking less - being happier - less depressed -
* releasing stress - living in the present - connect to the universe -  

There are UniverSoul Laws that apply in life, from business, relationships, marriage, raising kids, friendships, hobbies, and the Game of PickleBall.

These UniverSoul Laws are the same for everyone, especially athletes. Life is a game. So, what games are you playing and why PickleBall?

* "The Master Mind Challenge is Mastering the Activity of Your Mindset!"

Coach Freddie

The PickleBall Master Mind Challenge is a very easy and simple way to tap into your inner self, the silence of your soul, activating your mind, “Bringing Out The Best In You” "Set Up A Meeting With The Coach Today"

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PickleBall Tournament Locations

1. Monday 7/15 at 5:30PM  Nitro WV Sports Complex $50 Cash         

2. Aug 2-4/24 Middletown OH     

3. Sept 5-8/24 Wolfboro NH        

4. Sept 11-15/24 Pittsburgh PA

Challenge Entry: $50 Cash

"The PickleBall Master Mind Challenge 2024"

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